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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> and emotional and in brussels today,
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the underground railway station reopening after 16 people were killed there in a suicide bomb attack. thanks for a for joining us on france 24. one of the greatest political and economic achievements of obama times is how barack has described the european union as he wraps of his six-day foreign to heur. some of what he has had to say. president obama: i have come here today to the heart of europe to say that the united states and the entire world needs a strong and prosperous
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and democratic and united europe . your accomplishments, more than 500 million people speaking 24 languages, 19 with a common currency in one european union. it remains one of the greatest political and economic achievements of modern times. >> barack obama is known to be eager to try to push through the transatlantic trade deal known -- supporters claim it will be worth billions to the european union by streamlining trade with the u.s. but thousands of people have protested throughout the visit to hanover. >> it could impact the lives of 800 million people, making it the largest trade deal in the world. it aims to scrap nearly all tariffs between the u.s. and the
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eu. leaders on both sides of the atlantic are eager to clinch a deal before barack obama leaves office, getting the public on board has been a challenge. >> these agreements unilaterally benefit a companies and lobby groups. normal people and their lives are pushed to the background. they become the tools of furthering the interests of big companies. pharmaceuticals, automobiles, chemicals are some that the agreement will affect. the aim is to boost the economy of europe and the united states, creating millions of jobs. there are concerns that the deal would lower the level of consumer and environmental protection. laws.ould bypass strict germany's vice chancellor has .arned
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there are redlines and conditions which are not very precise. >> europe and the united states to resume in new york on monday. >> the u.s. president has announced a sixfold increase in syria. it's the biggest expansion since the civil war broke out. special forces will be involved in training and assisting local forces. week after the u.s. announced 200ary soldiers would be headed to iraq on a similar mission. deployment since
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the civil war began. 250 special forces will bolster local -- >> they will not be leading the fight on the ground but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces as they continue to drive ifo back -- isil back. your hatred is no match for our nations united in defense of our way of life. >> it is not a new concept. while they have the same mission fighting the islamic state group -- the numbers have crept up over the last number of years.
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bringing numbers to a little over 4000. they have urged europe and nato to do more to fight the group. the have already welcomed plans in terms of military hardware. a new joint plea to all after a fourtha straight day that left 28 dead. at least 20 of those killed on aleppo.owing meanwhile, group seven pushing
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for a second major delivery. the red cross plans to take 35 t-rex. week, mathematically dead. blasting ted cruz and john kasich after the struck a deal to team up, their aim to block trout. >> winning the number of delegates in republican primaries, a change of tactics. the damage and a new plan of attack.
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>> having donald trump at the top of the ticket would be a sure disaster for republicans. >> minutes later, kasich posted a similar message. our resourcesft west and give the campaign a clear path in indiana. >> it will be was known as an open or contested convention in july, edging closer to the delegate count. trump took to twitter to say he's unfazed.
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>> they're going to collude. desperation. >> they've been calling for such a pact for several weeks. host: what does this mean for the republican party? they struck this field -- this deal far too late for it to have any impact? >> i completely agree. it's a kind of strategy to be successful. february, it's way too late.
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and it does not make much sense kasich are notnd really on the same ideological agenda. it is completely artificial and doesn't make ideological sense. >> this could backfire on crews and kasich, making trump feel that the elite is more against him than ever. >> it is pretty clear.
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>> it's a good thing so he's not part of the washington elite. that's the message but right now, it looks like he is uniting with the elite, with the supposed moderate kasich with authority to stop trump. he has repeated over and over again. if it panse to see out. it has been an emotional day for .ommuters as the metro station >> things are slowly returning to normal and reopening to commuters.
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there are signs of the devastation that occurred here. they were invited to leave their messages over the weekend. >> there were a few works that had to be done. it is actually covered, so with the damage to us. >> it will take longer to heal. they still feel afraid. >> it is emotional.
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>> thinking about returning in my car. >> a killed 130 people. >> a gay-rights activists in bangladesh has been brutally killed. the editor for the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender community. police expect islamist militants carried out the murders. they described the attack as barbaric.
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the police back out in force today. it the epicenter of the arab spring protest once again the focus of anti-regime anger. thousands have been deployed. sealed off, the president and , what he called evil forces trying to destabilize the country. our correspondent in cairo told us about which groups have been rallying today. >> this is been called for by a broad array of groups. activist groups. this comes 10 days after a protest downtown that was a
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stencil he called for. we saw a chance that echoed the uprising. it marked the largest protest since he took office. >> heated scenes today as police fired tear gas into crowds of demonstrators. demanding its disband. they are still contesting the results of the last polls and say the commission has not acted. the international war crimes
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court will investigate deadly violence there. forced to flee their homes. governmentto the according to a military spokesman. buddhist monks and the prime minister have attended memorials today and honor of the 9000 people killed in a major earthquake one year ago. close to 8 million of the 30 million inhabitants have been affected. many of them children. >> these children are the survivors of the deadly
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earthquake last year. most of them are orphans, other left behind by those in search of jobs. >> her big sister goes to work every day to earn money. i look after the kids. for a year, we waited for the $2000 the state promised us. we spent a week in the shelter without any warm close. >> a village to the east, 90% of the homes were reduced to rubble. there are no schools and many children end up looking for work. more than 500 children now live on the streets of the capital. rescued by the ngo three months ago. she has been slaving away at a garment factory.
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>> we had nothing. my father beat my mother. >> they had 56 children in danger since the beginning of the year rescued. >> we get to 50 a day. >> nepal had been rebuilding. >> more than one million people remained. almost half are under the age of 18. >> stevie wonder, marvin gaye, and so music fans patriot to billy paul.
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we have more on his life and legacy. the grammy-winning hit misses jones, infidelity set to song. int to the top of the charts 1972. he collaborated with the greats of his era from charlie parker to miles davis. closing the curtain on six
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decades in the spotlight, the famous tenor died, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he was 81 years old. if you work in an office and think your job is boring, here is an idea. you can take some inspiration from these people in taiwan. they have an office chair race. they took things pretty seriously, wearing safety helmets and all. it originated and curator prefecture. part in a teams took two hour endurance race. the winning crew hailed from japan showing that practice really does make perfect. let's move on now with business.
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surprising news for us from saudi arabia? or the crown prince is telling the country they are too dependent on oil. >> the biggest economy relies on oil to balance the books. he unveiled a plan to overhaul, dubbed vision 2030. reduce reliance on oil but they depend on it for 80% of the revenues. selling the crown jewels to save the kingdom. reforms. giant. oil >> it could bring in over $2 trillion.
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>> some of the proceeds will go to a sovereign wealth fund. the rest will be spent on investment in mineral mining. it has become a top priority for saudi arabia. but the kingdom is highly vulnerable to changes in global prices. the oil price must not be lower than $77 a barrel. a little over $30, less than half the value two years ago. austerity measures have helped somewhat move away for an addiction to oil but they say more needs to be done. >> and ambitious and far-reaching effort. it is going to be a challenge to implement all of these things. the real issue is how to make
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sure these very sensible objectives can be translated into real changes. >> their calling on countries to implement reforms. will: time to take a look at the market. concerns over china's economy and falling prices. a similar story. consumer staples were the only advancing sectors. all indices down about .3%. in the chain.uble
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>> and against the trendier rivals. they will find a buyer for all and opens up to the little man. it's opening accounts for his little as one dollar. they come as goldman looks for new sources of revenue. could the times change owners this month? they are worth $815 million. he's wanted to expand ownership of regional u.s. papers. it may have been struggling with falling revenue. the car industry has a spotlight on china.
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bringing together the worlds biggest manufacturers and the biggest markets. new energy vehicles are in the spotlight. but perhaps, so to our suvs. >> the chinese market with a dynamic at the beginning of this year. chinese brands of benefited more. this is exactly how we're launching products. sales sales and minivan have sacked but the suv shot up more than 50%. many companies are trying to find a way to expand market share in china. option.fer an suv they are becoming an even bigger piece of the chinese market.
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part of our mix. >> you are paid 99% less the next year. that's what happened to the founder of go pro. he took home $287 million and last year brought in just over 800,000. 78%.s of lost go pro has struggled to increase the man for the high definition cameras. it's not really a surprise that we can't be crying because he still made $800,000. >> i would be happy with that. time for a short break.
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04/25/16 04/25/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from santa fe, new mexico, this is democracy now! >> a small number of american special operations forces are already on the ground in syria and the expertise has been critical as local forces have risen isil out of key areas. given the success, i have approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel, including special forces to give up this momentum. amy: as presiden


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